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Although the Dean’s have maintained a strong presence in running the Whitt’s outlets in Nashville, the organization could not have grown to it’s current size and strength without the help of many other dedicated employees. We are currently 80 employees strong and still growing. Many of our managers and key personnel have been with us for years. Some have even gone on to open sub franchises in surrounding counties. We are deeply grateful to everyone, past and present, who has been a part of this process.

Whitt’s Barbecue is continually searching for motivated, energetic, quality personnel. If you feel this might be a fit for you, contact us or Click Here to complete and print an Employment Application. You must apply in person, so complete and print this form, sign it and deliver it in person to the store where you wish to apply.

Let us know what you could bring to our great team.

If you would like any additional information on employment or our products or services, then please visit our Contact Us page.

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